1.1 Beginnings

hi and welcome to the legentis isbi in which we’ll follow my struggles to not kill off my sims (which unfortunately generally happens) while not actually being able to control most of them. i reserve all rights to bend the rules a little.

legentis is actually latin for reader (if google didn’t misinform me) and so i’ll get to name my sims after various character from different  book series/authors. but first let’s meet our founder!

Lea Legentis at your service. she’s an insane, excitable, easily impressed, charismatic artistic sim who loves eating pancakes while listening to pop music with the favourite colour of black. she also wants to be a master of the arts (kinda because she can do that while pregnant and i like attempting to achieve their ltws).

Cue stereotypical house shot. tbh she’s lucky she’s got that because i hate building but i doubted she’d want to pee with a few onlookers who might be passing – i’m caring like that.

Lea: onlookers?

well you are a legacy sim dear, you’re the closest to royalty Neverglade’s ever going to get. you get to have babies and get…


Lea decided that she wanted to join the business career so i decided that i might as well humour her, she needs a bit of money anyway – we can’t count on a nice rich husband coming along after all.

Pretty much the classiest sim around i think. also proves that i really hate decoration with that grass floor there – hey at least it soaks up the  water from the soon to be broken toilet (i’m a optimist, what can you say)

send her out husband hunting and she meets up with a lady instead. this is definitely the problem with Neverglade, it takes a while to spawn a bunch of suitable  husbands it seems.

so instead lea got packed off to the library to do a bit of studying

Lea: this is studying?

yep. although i would rather you were getting along with him. oh wait he’s already married, perhaps we should strike him off the list. it wouldn’t do to get you on the bad side of your boss i guess.

clearly married and  decided to play Lea’s guitar once she went to sleep. you are on my bad list mister, well at least you would be if it wasn’t for the fact i never saw you again after this.

it was by this point that i started asking signs and partners as pretty much the first step (signs mainly because lea wished for it)

Lea: it’s important that they’re not crazy, leo’s are crazy. fact.

i think we’ll leave the fact that it’s the crazy girl saying that.


meet Lonnie Rodriquez. he’s already married. him and lea got on  really well though so they made friends and then i was planning on stealing him away from his wife. by this point i was getting really annoyed with all these married sims in town.

i decided to give her a little more time first though so meanwhile Lea focused on skilling and jumping up the property ladder because apparently insane sims do well in business (because her charisma skills don’t seem to be getting her much luck in the man department so i generally forget that she has them).

i was about to give lonnie a call when we bumped into this bloke in one of the parks, his name is Locke Maddox and he’s got a compatable sign but most importantly of all HE’S SINGLE


Lea: i got promoted today

Locke’s not actually as bad looking as i thought he was when we first met him, perhaps it’s the hair but whatever. he’s the frontrunner by miles and since the two get on and i don’t want to stab my eyes out WE HAVE A WINNER. he just doesn’t quite realise what he’s signed up for yet.

their next date was at the park a few days later during which lea impaled herself upon her hair – which is still pretty. i don’t seem to have actually taken very many pictures of their dates but at this stage they were still getting to know each other so they were quite dull anyway.

Lea: i got promoted again!

every time lea got promoted she rolled wants  to talk to locke – and i was only too happy to oblige. unfortunately i didn’t look at lea’s work scheule and she had to go back before they could move their relationship to the next level. DAMM YOU

but locke still decided to tidy up after her. OHAI NEAT SIM I LOVE YOU

however the next time he came over lea decided to put the moves on him

and clearly  it worked.

lea: yay! finally!

well you could look more excited about it

lea: i express them internally, my face is a beautiful mask

first kisses are always romantic by the dustbin but in all honesty it could be worse – lea’s actually wearing her everyday for once.

Lea: will you marry me and have my babies for me?

err lea, it doesn’t quite work like that… meh she’ll figure that out soon enough.


Locke seems a little excited for someone who only just kissed their girl a hour before, maybe he figured out why Lea lived on a lot like this. in which case he might be more intelligent than my future live-in maid and nanny. that doesn’t mean he’s going to rise above that job but hey he gets to marry Lea soo. actually yes, why is he so excited about this whole deal?

Locke: i still get to do whatever i want?

oh yes, that.

i couldn’t get him to move in  for whatever reason but he stayed and cleaned anyway, a glimpse of the future here. (excuse the plumbob)

as you can see the next day Lea and Locke decided to get married  and invite over all of Lea’s various friends and work colleagues – she EVEN made them some food out of the kindness of her heart. in fact she even wore her wedding dress to get married in. perhaps the glitchy cc hair meant she decided to be more  normal than her or maybe she forgot she was getting married. both are totally legitimate reasons.

and with the exchanging of rings Locke Legentis joins the family. he’s got no sense of humour, neat, kleptomaniac, coward and a computer whiz who fancies being a chess legend. which clearly isn’t going to happen because i’m pretty sure that’s something sims don’t do autonomously. he also seemed to have quit his job along the way, which is a shame but he can make himself useful being a good house husband – he brought in a reasonable amount of money for me to forgive him.

and i shall leave you with the image of the start of their honeymoon (complete with lullaby).

next time: BABIES, more skilling and the perfect house husband.

5 thoughts on “1.1 Beginnings

    • thanks! i tend to just take photos of things that amuse me and then just write whatever i feel like – which probably isn’t necessarily the best way but it works for me since i’m not plotty. tbh just go for whatever feels right/most fun

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